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My Goal This Week

August 13th, 2007 at 08:23 am

I'm not sure that I will be giving myself weekly goals, but I thought I would for this week at least. After purchasing my $1.00 soda this morning (I'm a non-coffee drinker, so I have to get my caffeine fix some way), I've decided to not purchase any more food-to-go for the rest of the week. When I got to work, I checked to make sure I have enough frozen entrees to get my through lunch this week - I do, six left, in fact! I have a dinner date tomorrow night, and I will just eat microwave popcorn or cereal the other nights. And I have enough packages of crackers to last me until Thursday. With that being said, I'm still going to have to pick up a few groceries for this weekend. Thursday afternoon through Sunday evening I will be baby-sitting, so I figure I need to pick up a few "adult" snacks. Don't get my wrong, I love chicken nuggets, Pop Tarts and fruit snacks just as much as any kid Smile

I'm really trying to think about the fact that I will be making a lot of money this weekend, and not thinking how jealous I am that my neighbors are going to "my favorite place on earth." I will be taking a trip there myself over Labor Day, so I'm trying not to be too bummed!

2 Responses to “My Goal This Week”

  1. mbkonef Says:

    Don't be bummed. Look at it as earning money for your trip there over Labor Day! Depending upon how much they are paying you, in some way, they are paying for your trip! Isn't that a better way to look at it?

  2. Amber Says:

    Just eating microwave popcorn or cereal the other nights,will that do?
    Don't be bummed you'll have more fun on Labor Day than you would this weekend Smile

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