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My Money Saving (AND Money Making!) Weekend

August 11th, 2007 at 06:49 pm

I have sucessfully spent NO money this weekend (and don't plan to tomorrow either)! That's quite the feat considering I visited one of my favorite shopping locals (Lexington - cute shops and name-brand stores - a great place for a small-town gal). As I type, I am making money as well Smile Yes, babysitting is tough work, luckily, I have company. The weekend has been great - a new baby girl to visit, free dinner courtesy of the rents, time well-spent with the Captain. A girl could only be so lucky! And making money to top that off!!!

I promise that I will deposit the check tomorrow and will go onto my online banking to send the entire amount to CC #1. In the past, anytime I made extra money, I would think, "okay, I have an extra x amount of dollars, what can I buy?" Then I would proceed to shop on jcrew.com or order a new piece of beach art or a sea bag (which was a really cool purchase by the way). Lately though, any "extra" work I do, I have been submitting that whole amount to my highest interest credit card. I swear, I have turned over a new leaf!

Really, babysitting isn't that tough anymore. I love these kids, I just have to get through the initial "I don't like you," "you go home" phase one is going through. I've already had a couple of good laughs tonight as well. Bath-time came around, so it was "potty" time. The Prince (as I call him) decided to "stand up" this time. Not thinking much of it, I was like, "oh okay." Then I realized that 3-year-olds really can't aim. I scream for the Captain, but it was too late Frown The mess wasn't too hard to clean up fortunately!

Oops! There went crashing the blue lego house! I guess that's my cue to go!

2 Responses to “My Money Saving (AND Money Making!) Weekend”

  1. shiela Says:

    Good for you on putting extra money to pay off CC debt. Keep it up!

  2. Ima saver Says:

    I agree!!

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